Macho-Attractions in Prague – Military Museum, Beer & Football

Visiting Prague however stressed all you will do is to stroll down the shopping roads alongside your beautiful spouse toward the beginning of the day and snap photographs of antiquated structures in the early evening? Relax, let her do her shopping alone while you investigate a portion of Prague’s manly attractions.

Here are some intriguing attractions for macho men who visit Prague:

Millitary Museum

The Czech military has it’s own exhibition hall in the focal point of Prague. At the historical center you can look at Czech tanks, weapons, rifles, weighty gunnery and different antiquities from the conflicts the Czechoslovakia were associated with throughout the previous 150 years. The historical center is in the Zizkov-space of Prague, at U Pamtnku 2.

Socialist Museum

Today the Czech Republic is a cutting edge majority rules system, however just 20 years prior the circumstance was altogether different. At the city’s socialist exhibition hall you can encounter how the circumstance was in the Czech Republic during the socialist system after World War 2 and until it finished in 1989. The exhibition hall is in Prague’s shopping area, at Na Prikope 10.


No nation on earth drinks as much lager per capita as the Czech Republic. When your tongue gets the flavor of the frothy and harsh Czech ale you will get why. Attempt to taste both the astounding Budweiser (the first one), trade most loved Pilsner Urquell and a portion of the lesser known Czech brews while in Prague. The neighborhood bottling works in Prague is Staropramen which has an extremely wonderful ale which is accessible all over the place.

When taking off for a lager in Prague, attempt to try not to take a seat at the bistros and bars in the old town. Lager is costly and the environment is extremely touristy. In the event that you branch out traveling only a couple hundred meters from the top sights you will appreciate less expensive lager and better climate. พนันออนไลน์ที่ดีที่สุด

Football match

Prague is honored with 3 neighborhood groups who play at the most significant level of Czech football. Sparta Prague is the biggest group and regularly take part in the European Champions League. Their top star is Karel Poborsky who is a previous Manchester United player.

Slavia Prague is the city’s number two group. Their greatest dream is to topple the reign of Sparta as the main club in the Czech Republic, and all the more critically, the number 1 club in Prague.

A third group who is amusing to watch when in Prague is FK Victoria Zizkov. They are from the average space of Zizkov and is right now battling for endurance in the top division of Czech football.

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