Former Nations of the World – Soccer Facts!

1930 World Cup

Did you know-Present-day Serbia contended as Yugoslavia in the First World Championship in 1930. Therefore, Yugoslavia was incorporated for the second time in the 1950 World Cup and came in fifth spot, behind Uruguay, Brazil (neighborhood group), Sweden and Spain.

1934 World Cup

Did you know-In 1934, the crew from Czechoslovakia – presently the Czech Republic- – came in runner up in the worldwide contest. In the last match, they lost 2-1 to Italy, the host nation’s group.

1956 Olympic Games

Did you know-By 1956, the Soviet group guaranteed gold at the Australia Summer Games. The USSR turned into the second Communist country to win an Olympic prize. Nonetheless, two years on, they completed 6th in the VI World Cup in Scandinavia, behind Brazil, Sweden (nearby group), France, West Germany and Wales.

1960 Olympiad

Did you know-The group from Yugoslavia won the gold award in the men’s football at the 1960 Summer Olympic Games in Rome (Italy).

1960 European Cup

Did you know-In France, the USSR beat Yugoslavia 2-1 and won the European Championship in July 1960. In the interim, Czechoslovakia came in third spot (bronze award). คาสิโนแนะนำ

1962 World Championship

Did you know-At the FIFA World Cup in 1962, the group from Czechoslovakia progressed to the gold award game, yet lost to Brazil. By 1980, the European country won the gold award in the men’s soccer at the Games of the XXII Olympiad in the Soviet Union, outperforming East Germany (silver) and the host country.

1964 European Cup

Did you know-On June 21, 1964, the Soviet Union was sprinter up at the European Championship in Spain.

1976 European Cup

Did you know-Between June 16 and June 20, 1976, the European Tournament was held in Yugoslavia. Czechoslovakia was the boss, trailed by West Germany, Holland, and Yugoslavia.

1972 Olympiad

Did you know-East Germany won the bronze award in the men’s soccer in the Summer Olympics in Munich (West Germany), behind Poland (gold) and Hungary (silver).

1972 European Tournament

Did you know-The Soviet Union was sprinter up at the European Cup in Belgium.

1976 Olympiad

Did you know-During the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada, East Germany – otherwise called the German Democratic Republic until 1989-won the Olympic prize, to the detriment of Poland (silver) and the Soviet Union (bronze). It turned into the fifth Marxist country to win the gold award. Four years in, the group of the German Democratic Republic came in runner up in the Olympics in Moscow (Soviet Union). By 1984, EG boycotted the Los Angeles Games and the public group didn’t contend in the Olympic Soccer Tournament.

1977 Under-20 World Cup

Did you know-The Soviet crew impacted the world forever when they won the First Under-20 World Championship in Africa, to the detriment of Mexico (second place) and Brazil (bronze decoration). After two years, they came in runner up in the widespread rivalry in Tokyo (Japan).

1980 Olympiad

Did you know-At the 1980 Moscow Olympics, Czechoslovakia won the gold award, in front of East Germany and the Soviet Union (have country).

1987 Under-20 World Cup

Did you know-The group from Yugoslavia crushed 5-4 West Germany and won the Under-20 World Championship in Santiago de Chile. In the mean time, the German Democratic Republic won the bronze decoration, behind the host country, Scotland, Italy and Brazil.

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