Los Galacticos II – Are They Equal to Los Galacticos I?

“Los Galacticos” signifies the stars. At the point when we talk about it, consequently we talk around probably the greatest club in Europe, Real Madrid FC. The term alluded to that club around 4 or 5 years prior in light of the fact that it comprised of a ton of stars or extraordinary players. Those stars were looking like Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo. Madridistas or Real Madrid allies used to name them “Los Galacticos I” yet these days there are “Los Galacticos II” with various stars. Albeit the two of them comprises of a ton of incredible players yet I believe it’s very hard for them to coordinate with the accomplishment of “Los Galacticos I”. Here are my reasons why I say as much.

Most importantly, The stars in Real Madrid presently are moderately new in Spanish football so they actually need to make a few changes. For instance, ลงเงินกับแทงบอล Ricardo Kaka, we realize that he is an extraordinary playmaker when he played for AC Milan in Italy. He played as a focal figure in Milan’s midfield. Nonetheless, Spanish football and Italian football are two distinct classes and they have various styles of football. I suspect as much far, Kaka and furthermore numerous other new stars haven’t shown their best structures in Real Madrid.

Then, so far they haven’t had the option to play well as a unit or collectively. They do score a ton of objectives yet I think numerous about the objectives come from the stars’ individual abilities. Investigate Cristiano Ronaldo’s objectives. A considerable lot of his objectives come from free kicks or long-range shots, his exceptional ability.

All things considered, Even however Real Madrid stars are presently named “Los Galacticos II”, these stars are as yet incapable to coordinate with the stars of Real Madrid 4 or 5 years prior as far as accomplishment and the method of play. They actually need to strive to demonstrate that they have the right to be called as “Los Galacticos II”.

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