A Look in College Football’s Rear View Mirror – The Worst of 2006

A journey Down soccer’s reminiscence Lane

earlier than kicking off some other season, let us take one final observe the season beyond to don’t forget the good times. And to put the bad ones to a dignified give up. instructions of the past may be useful in stopping screw ups in the future. unfortunately, a lot of the colleges that regarded within the 2006 FirstWorst Futility rankings appear destined to live there.

There are some perennial powerhouses that live many of the FirstWorst. The Bleu Devils of Duke recognise this vicinity properly. although navy and military have a splendid record turning out individuals who can blow things up and take matters from different humans, navy can rarely manipulate to produce more than a three-and-out at the gridiron. possibly that is due to the fact their graduates are anticipated to achieve things and so the first-class high college recruits cross someplace else. The military Mules are nonetheless seeking to persuade each other that a victory over Kent country counts as a win.

Losers deserve recognize. with out them, Nebraska’s Cornhucksters would have no schedule. jap, Western, Southern, relevant, lower and upper Michigans might have no way to fund their sports packages. Troy state (who?) financed an awesome chunk of its athletic finances through sending eleven terrible sods to Lincoln in September to bend over for a fifty six-zero pasting by way of the massive crimson. Nebraska charged admission for this. huge pink fans really paid.

Being cannon fodder through gambling in opposition to a top school has its rewards, although winning is not generally among them.


The Sage acknowledges that even though Montana country’s Bobcats whipped up at the Colorado B’lows of their season opener in Boulder, maximum underdog faculties grit their teeth, take the beating and the paycheck. The underdog gamers and coaches, even though, need to impeach their self recognize. still, the Sage bets that Montana state had fewer players arrested within the offseason than did CU – unless you could get arrested for capturing rabbits in Bozeman.

Losers deserve recognize because they’ll not usually be many of the satisfactory of the worst. The Sage will miss Rutgers. The Knights destroyed years of faculty lifestyle final year by sinking to a dismal eleven-2 record. The campus nonetheless hasn’t recovered. The monkey wrench the Knights threw into predictions on the begin of last year has prognosticators twirling their pass pens wondering how they got it so incorrect. And now sportswriters from CA need to learn to spell ‘Piscataway.’ by using constructing a valid software, Rutgers has failed fanatics nationwide and has relegated their software to respectability. A worse destiny the Sage cannot imagine.

Losers have their region in this global. They balance the whole thing. The Sage loves locating tidbits of wisdom and irony in losing soccer. to those small bits of a laugh, this column is officially committed.

provided right here are the original choices for the 10 worst of college soccer. earlier than proceeding, the Sage factors out that this listing: · Is with out any scientific technique · specializes in however isn’t restrained to BCS groups · Is evolved completely on the whim of the Sage of university soccer · might also incorporate beside the point references for underaged readers · may additionally require literate adults to give an explanation for the finer factors to children or individuals who paid to peer Troy state play Nebraska · won’t have some thing to do with an real football sport

primary – The bad Blew Devils of Duke

This one is a no brainer. Basketball faculties should not strive soccer; dunking the ball over the purpose posts would not rating any points. except, that ball bounces funny. The BDs rose to lofty repute of primary at the FirstWorst list by way of distinctive feature of it’s sparkling 0-12 record last season. Capped with the aid of a season finale loss to rival powerhouse North Carolina, the Bleu Devils stole defeat from the jaws of defeat via coming again to have an extra point blocked past due inside the fourth region to seal the one-point loss. This solid document and the sturdy finish units up the Duke train – whomever loses and receives the activity. – for some other terrific recruiting season.

blanketed within the head teach job description is: “look at, evaluate and suggest improvements in soccer method and gadget. Required qualifications at this degree: education/schooling N/A”

at least the college is realistic. The Sage wonders if it’s far feasible to provide a winner by designing new pants. In any event, the university capped it is party of the perfect season by using including new stadium parking for over 500 automobiles. The occupants of stated cars can count on every other spectacularly futile season.

2- Temple Owls

After coasting via their challenging agenda, going through down and losing to teams inclusive of Buffalo (not the bills) wherein neither crew scored a landing, the Owls fought hard to shut the season with a 5 recreation losing streak, such as losses to Toledo and Akron. The pitiful Owls also had to play Ohio country and survived by means of dropping 35 -7. That seven points had been scored in Temple’s desire was cause for birthday party. Pennsylvania produces hundreds of star excessive school recruits each yr. sadly for Temple, all of them select different schools.


The forces that be in Chambana recently declared a 2d “St. Patrick’s Day.” while Spring spoil coincided with alcohol’s holy day, the local bars let loose a howl that they were losing commercial enterprise with students soaking up suds in Florida. so to prop up nearby barkeeps, the university delivered a second St. Patrick’s Day birthday party. it’s miles this sort of visionary management that has earned Illinois 1/3 location within the FirstWorst ratings. The (D)UI management additionally showed foresight and power in retiring leader Illiniwek this off season. The whimpering Illini then had an extra motive, as well as an extra day to drown their sorrows in green beer fed on from Gatorade cups. The orange and blue finished the 2006 season with wins in opposition to jap Illinois (sure there may be such an area and that they do play football), and were dealt an disillusioned with the aid of winning at Michigan kingdom. If the Illini can win at home this yr towards a massive Ten school, the college has promised to claim a 3rd St. Patrick’s Day.


It pains the Sage to claim army a member of the FirstWorst membership. The only “surprise and Awe” added via the Mules in 06 become that people kept coming to see them. The Black ‘Nights’ of navy just cannot produce a win in opposition to a first-class crew. Beating VMI, Kent kingdom and Baylor would not qualify as a stellar season. The Sage wishes military the quality this yr, however the brass at West point might also have to name in close air support to complete a pass. we’re going to see if Air pressure can assist out.

five-Boise country

The Sage can pay attention it now.. ‘How can a big time win in the Fiesta in opposition to OU on New Years Day qualify a faculty for the various worst in college soccer? The easy motive is the hideous blue soccer subject they play on. just due to the fact it’s miles viable to create blue grass does not imply that it need to be accomplished. A first-class crew deserves to play in some thing other than the Tidy Bowl. A blue football discipline does not exist in nature for a purpose. The Sage does not realize what that motive is, however is certain it is a great one. BS alums ought to be smoking some thing special in their pipes earlier than home games to make the element look actual. BSU confirmed that it does not need a blue field for any competitive benefit and may win in a large-time game. Lose the blue subject!

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