A 3D Movie Review – A Look Into Public Opinion  

A 3D Movie Review – A Look Into Public Opinion  

How the public receives the 3D films tells a lot about the over all quality of the movie. If the movie garners a lot of positive responses, then its creators and all the other people behind it should really feel good about themselves. However, if the number of negative   รีวิวหนัง

responses is higher than the positive ones, then, let’s just wish the creators a better luck next time they put their hands to work on a movie again.

A response to a 3D movie is what we call as a 3D movie review. It can also help predict the number of movie goers that will be very willing to pay just to be able to see the movie. After all, if negative reviews are written about a certain movie, who in the right mind would even go and buy a ticket just to watch the rotten movie?

To put a more formal definition to it, a 3D movie review is assessment and analysis of films. It can be categorized into two: journalistic criticism and academic criticism. Academic criticism is done by film critics who take an academic approach towards films. This is also known as film theory or film studies. We really think that this category would be more forgiving of the mistakes in the movie if there are any because they seem to know the whole process of movie making and the hardships people in this industry have to go through. Also the reviews labeled academic are quite full of technical terms hence it is harder for the masses to comprehend to them. Journalistic criticism on the other hand involves a 3D movie review that is made by film critics working for newspapers, magazines and the like. This also includes online film review websites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, which compiles movie reviews from various film critics to assign a certain score. Rotten Tomatoes is one of the most popular online film review websites.

Obviously, of the two categories, it is the journalistic criticism that would have a greater impact on the masses. This is not only because newspapers and magazines are more affordable, and this is also because these ones are more blunt in their criticisms and complaints about how the movie is done and how the actors and actresses put life to their roles. So, it would be very understandable if the people in the movie industry would be more concerned in pleasing those who are working for the newspapers and magazines.


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