How to Provide Personalized Online Customer Service

How to Provide Personalized Online Customer Service



Providing excellent online customer service can be challenging
because of the impersonal nature of the internet. Anyone who has
ever had any מערכת שירות לקוחות training knows that providing
personalized service is central to building good, long lasting,
mutually beneficial customer relationships.

However, when you take the face-to-face (or at least voice-to-
voice) interactions out of the customer service equation, how do
you provide that top-notch, high-quality customer service in an
online business atmosphere?

The question of providing quality online customer service is something that many internet-based business owners struggle with.
No offense to the men, but I have found that women in business
are much more inclined to be concerned about providing quality
online customer service, and it is a very valid concern.

Many business women I have talked to have been inspired by W.
Edwards Deming’s philosophy of continuous quality improvement
when it comes to providing quality customer service.
Unfortunately, Dr. Deming passed away in 1993, so we are not
privy to his view regarding online customer service, though some
of his philosophies are certainly applicable in the internet
business frontier and to issues regarding online customer

Dr. Deming advocated a systems approach to improving quality with
attention to continual improvement of products, services,
processes, people, and communication. Not only is the
satisfaction of the customer and communication with the customer
in the spotlight in Deming’s philosophy. He also considered
relationships between individuals within an organization and with
suppliers and emphasized the necessity of using facts and data
for decision making.

Though the online business environment differs greatly from the
manufacturing sectors that Dr. Deming consulted for, his
philosophies regarding quality improvement and customer service
are certainly applicable to online customer service. Basing
decisions on data in the form of feedback from customers,
suppliers and individuals within an organization is something
that is often overlooked in regard to online customer service.

Sure, internet business operators use facts and data for the
purposes of internet marketing – selecting keywords, choosing
topics for information products, and so forth. However, they
rarely, if ever, actively engage in obtaining feedback for the
purpose of improving their online customer service.

Before you go on a tangent, making changes to the way that you
provide online customer service, why not survey your customers
and ask them what they think? Here are some questions you may
want to ask to obtain feedback from your customers that can be
used to improve your processes of providing online customer

  1. How do you feel about the impersonal nature of online customer
  2. Which of the following methods would you prefer for obtaining customer service from our company? (please rank the choices from 1 to 5, 1 being the most desirable and 5 being the least desirable).

_____ Email

_____ Telephone

_____ Live online chat sessions

_____ Online forums

_____ Teleconferencing

  1. Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the online
    customer service you have received from our company.

_____ Extremely Satisfied

_____ Somewhat Satisfied

_____ Satisfied

_____ Somewhat Unsatisfied

_____ Extremely Unsatisfied

  1. Please share your comments and suggestions regarding how we might improve our online customer service.

This is a simple example of a survey for the purpose of improving
online customer service. Of course, you can formulate your own
survey that is more customized to your particular business.
However, when considering making changes or improvements to
online customer service processes and systems, it is a very good
idea to obtain feedback from your customers.

Also consider suggestions from suppliers in regard to improving
communications and online customer service. Receiving such input
prior to revamping your online customer service system will
ensure that you meet true needs and desires without incurring
unnecessary expenses that won’t make a difference in the
customers’ perception of your online customer services.



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